We are an immersive media workers’ co-operative based in London.
We imagineer augmented, virtual and mixed reality solutions to problems not yet diagnosed.
Fusion of our versatile skills enables us to grasp the shape of reality 2.0 and create it.
We are carving new perceptions.

So Far

Our projects range from interactive simulations, education to therapy and research.
We create interactive environments in total immersion.

Aurora at London Literature Festival - October 2017
Presented at the LLF 2018 , Aurora consisted of an AR experience of generating the celestial trails over Thames river from Southbank Centre's terrace. A collaboration with Sigbjørn Skåden, a Sami poet, facilitated an sound journey through the undercurrents of the Nordic culture.
For the first time we used Tango-enabled device and worked with Holokit, a true AR cardboard.
Hardware: Asus Zenfone AR + HoloKit
Venue: Southbank Centre

MADE - October 2017
Interactive 360 footage driven VR application about a Chinese factory worker, establishing a subliminal connection between consumers and those who actually produce the thing. Geolocation and an ambiguous survey boost personalisation of this encounter.
Directed and produced by Han Yan Yuen and Sharon Yeung
Funded by an international anti-poverty NGO and the Arts Council.
Prototype presented at ESoDoc (European Social Documentary) in Vilnus.

Gamechangers - July 2017
Five-day workshops with Eastbourne youth that resulted in an AR/VR game entitled ‘Wake up’. An organic process of developing a concept and executing every stage of it as a team. The drive of action is sleepiness, fading the player out of the VR desert landscape if they stop moving. The player has to venture through portals emerging out of dunes through worlds of the elements: water, fire, air and earth. Sounds and visual assets were jointly created or repurposed, several of them exported into the game from a 3D design app in VR.
Organised by Adventures and Wisdom Institute at Mana gaming vortex.

Aurora - November 2016
Development of a prototype application. 5-minute experience of generating the Northern Lights. Viewing through a mixed reality headset, wearing a motion controller affixed to a glove. The participants firstly perceived the lights over their normal vision, later entering a virtual reality environment depicting both the northern skies, lights and the frozen landscape below their feet. The application reads the participant’s hand movements, feeding the data into the interface of the headset generating their individually directed celestial trails.
Hardware: AR-enabled version of Google Daydream.
Venue: Southbank Centre

How to Survive in 2050 - February 2016
A narrative-driven participatory digital hallucination. A journey through a dystopian scenario of the future. Participants were walking around the space wearing a headset containing a smartphone, the phone’s view was layered with virtual reality. Headphones completed the immersive experience.
SDKs (Software Development Kits):
Vuforia (object recognition) and Cardboard (support for developing virtual reality environments).
Adittional hardware: VicoVR (positional tracking device.)
Venue: Southbank Centre

Hi-End VR
We collaborate with Halo Post on VR (Vive) prototypes since summer 2016.


Made - March 2018
Developing a second instalment of the interactive 360 footage driven VR application about a Chinese factory workers,
Directed and produced by Han Yan Yuen and Sharon Yeung
Funded by an international anti-poverty NGO and the Arts Council.
To second prototype to be presented at Space4 in London.

Blaze up – 2Q 2018
Burn the forest to keep it alive. A mobile Mixed Reality app. It starts in AR as the participant gets swallowed by the VR forest.
Inspired by David Attenborough ‘The Private Life of Plants’ series from 1995. In particular, the episode ‘Social Struggle’ where we learn that many forests evolved to set themselves on fire in order to avoid succumbing into fungus. Next spring after the blaze, hopeful saplings are shooting up from everywhere and the forest can live again for centuries.
To be available on the app stores.

Hexer – 3Q 2018
We are working on a prototype of an AR app that addresses learning disabilities.


We are open to all Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality endeavours as long as they challenge our creativity. Conjoin!

    Animorph is made of four core members:

  • Szczepan – developer,
    Natalia – engineer,
    Michal – sound designer,
    Geoffrey – producer.
  • Conjoin!
  • We are proud to a part of the network of tech co-operatives. Almost 30 companies converge into a great variety of digital services. We are based at Space4 next to Finsbury Park, which is a co-working space for members of the network.

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