We are an immersive media workers’ co-operative based in London.
We are self-driven digital nomads who pursue the unknown.
We imagineer solutions to problems not yet diagnosed.
We never stop evolving, curiosity leads the way.
We are defined by what we make.


Check our latest mixed reality developments at Southbank Centre in London.

Our projects range from art, through simulations and education to strictly practical applications.
We create situations on the frontier of fully interactive communication in total immersion.
We embody mixed reality.
We make futures.

Aurora - November 2016
Development of a prototype application. 5-minute experience of generating the Northern Lights. Viewing through a mixed reality headset, wearing a motion controller affixed to a glove. The participants firstly perceived the lights over their normal vision, later entering a virtual reality environment depicting both the northern skies, lights and the frozen landscape below their feet. The application reads the participant’s hand movements, feeding the data into the interface of the headset generating their individually directed celestial trails.
Hacked version of Google Daydream.

How to Survive in 2050 - February 2016
Development of a narrative-driven participatory digital hallucination. Participants were taken on a journey through a dystopian scenario of the future. Walking around the space wearing a headset containing a smartphone, the phone’s view was layered with virtual reality. Headphones completed the immersive experience.
SDKs (Software Development Kits):
Vuforia (object recognition) and Cardboard (support for developing virtual reality environments).
Adittional hardware:
VicoVR (positional tracking device.)


We are open to all Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality endeavours as long as they challenge our creativity.

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